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My Dogs

Below is some picture of my dogs and a little bit about them and what they like. Hope you like reading about them!

Crazy For Dogz

Hi there and welcome to Crazy For Dogz! I have got 3 dogs yes that is 3 there names are Sandy, Chunky and Tan they are loving pets and i think that they are a great pet to have :) Sandy and Chunkey are Labradors and Tan is a Doberman. Here we love dogs and have so much information about dogs. Enjoy reading! 

This site is new so that there will not be many infomation pages on yet but keep on looking back on here and there will be more information in the coming weeks.

These are Sandy's puppies she had last year.


This is Chunky he is the black labrador and he loves to play with his blue ring and loves to get attention too  from you as well.



This is Sandy and she is a golden labrador and she is a loving dog and loves to play with you. She is a great pet to have and a really got time with as you can play with her when you want and loves to get the attention for you to.


This is Tan and she is a black and tan doberman. She is a older dog than Sandy and Chunky so she dont play that much with you but she still give you loads of love to you!